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We work with every customer to create a plan tailor-made for their business. Talk to a member of our team to learn more about pricing.



Everything you need to launch your first program

Complete deal management integrated with your CRM

Customer integrations and endless scalability

Referral partners

Reseller partners

Marketing partners

Anti-fraud & security

Partner payouts & compliance

Multiple partner types

Multiple partner groups

Application management

Partner tiers

CRM to CRM integrations


Program support

Partner & resource management


Link based


Ticket based

Phone and email

1:1 management


All plans include:

Partner payouts and compliance

Partners get paid every month with automatic billing to your method of choice and self-serve partner withdrawals.

Partner analytics

Track the success of your partners at individual and group levels to optimize your program's performance.

Partner and resource management

Scale your program to an unlimited number of partners, with automated onboarding and content for each.

Link-based attribution

Create custom referral links or let partners create their own, and track the success of every partner and campaign.

Speak with a PartnerStack expert and see how you can better manage and scale your channel partner programs, and we'll send you a $25 Postmates gift card to make working from home a little easier in these COVID times 👇

The Full Stack Solution for B2B SaaS Partnerships

⦿ 200% YoY Increase in Partner Program Sales (

600% Increase in Active Partners (Looka)

18% Of New Trials Driven by Partnerships (Teamwork)

⦿ 200% YoY Increase in Partner Program Sales (

⦿ 600% Increase in Active Partners (Looka)

⦿ 18% Of New Trials Driven by Partnerships (Teamwork)

50% Company Revenue Through Partnerships (Gorgias)

The Full Stack Solution for B2B SaaS Partnerships

Automate what you hate

There’s no reason to do everything manually anymore. PartnerStack automates the most painful parts of managing partnerships, so you can focus on your company’s daily, high-impact performance.


Partner programs transform the agencies, resellers and marketers who already sell to your ideal customers into an extension of your sales team.

That's why the fastest-growing SaaS companies use partnerships to drive acquisition, retention, and revenue, beyond what's possible alone.

And it's why companies choose PartnerStack to help make it happen.

Companies win markets with partnerships

Hear directly from our customers.

Trusted by over 500 SaaS companies and over 80,000 partners.

Weblow, Zoominfo, Close, Riipen
CallRail,  aircall, gorgias, Maropost
Vimeo, freshworks, teamwork, Looka

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We're the #1 Rated Partner Management Solution for SaaS leaders 


Champion partners to perform

Give your partners the best chance at success, with custom onboarding journeys, training, and resources about your product.


Progress makes perfect

Understand where your traffic flows and converts, and trace it back to partners so they’re paid and incentivized to keep it up.

An image of PartnerStacks referral and tracking system


Never miss a payment

No more mind-numbing calculations. Automate partner pay with a single monthly invoice, no matter how many partners you have.


Prove ROI faster

Empower your partners to optimize their performance with detailed reporting and stats on how to improve your program’s success.

An image of PartnerStacks  ROI tracking display


Reach the right partners

Get your brand in front of more customers by promoting your partner program to 65,000+ active partners, ready to market SaaS.

A list of companies on PartnerStacks marketplace

Access the world's strongest B2B partner network

Grow your partnerships by tapping into our Marketplace of 65,000+ active SaaS partners, including agencies, resellers, and marketers who are already seeing green on our platform.

PartnerStack connects you to all of them, so you can discover your perfect-fit partners to propel your program upward.


growth in revenue seen by the average PartnerStack customer


in revenue driven by partners on PartnerStack in the past year

45 days

to launch a new partner program by the average PartnerStack customer

We support every stage of partnerships growth
Whether you’re just getting started with partnerships or want to scale up your existing ecosystem, PartnerStack’s complete partnerships platform can help.


How PartnerStack works to scale SaaS businesses


Loved by partners


Connects to every other kind of stack

PartnerStack connects with the most common marketing, sales and business intelligence software.

Want to build a custom connection of your own? You can with the PartnerStack API.

PartnerStacks integrations: Salesforce, Stripe, Hubspot, Slack, Recurly, Changebee, Pipedrive and Google Sheets

Grow bigger and better with PartnerStack

Go all in with partnerships. Demo our platform to see how you can diversify your channel and scale revenue.

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An image of PartnerStacks dashboard page
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"PartnerStack works great for adding my leads, clients and tracking their activities and payouts. It's been easy to use and very helpful.“I’ve been in roles where I did everything manually. Seeing how PartnerStack solves everything I was doing manually is very valuable."


Jennifer Rhima

Director of Partnerships

"I like how the layout is very easy to follow and use. Super friendly. You can toggle easily between all the different platforms you use which keeps things very organized but everything is there in one place. You receive updates and notifications which helps you keep track and be in the know."


Phil S.

Chief Revenue Officer

“PartnerStack has been essential in building a scalable process for onboarding, engaging and rewarding partners, with a team that’s supported us immensely as we’ve grown partnerships into a major acquisition channel.”


Anca Bujor

Channel Partnerships Manager at Unbounce

The best platform for any (and every) kind of partner

PartnerStack powers every kind of partnership and makes it easy to run multiple programs side-by-side to diversify your ecosystem.


Get publishers, content creators, and influencers to drive traffic to your product to grow your brand.


Receive qualified leads you can start working right away from industry experts that know your audience best.


Empower agencies and independent vendors to sell your software directly and reach more customers.

“We’d used other affiliate management software before, but we really liked PartnerStack for a few reasons, including automating onboarding and communications, “But the most significant thing for us is automated payouts.”

Maris Dagis


CEO and Co-Founder at Sellfy

"The platform is very intuitive, and I can see in one place my stats, activity, and earnings. The connection to one of the payment providers was also frictionless!! I definitely will recommend it as your go-to referral platform. I was able to create a personalized referral link, which it's a plus!"


Senior Director and co-founder

David M

"The team was super-helpful, they are using actual english terms when explaining the process, the platform the ups and downs. The onboarding and integration went smoothly and unexpectedly fast and we are already seeing results."


Maria H

Business Development Manager


Both you and your partners get access to reporting that helps you optimize your performance. See reporting on revenue, rewards paid, lifecycle stages, and more.


PartnerStack promotes your program to thousands of active partners and makes it easy to discover and invite the types of partners you’re looking for.


Create custom, automated onboarding journeys for all of your different partner types and provide them with the resources and training they need to drive revenue.


Follow the progress of every partner-sourced lead and ensure partners get credit for the revenue they drive, with easy two-way syncing to your existing CRM.


Never worry about paying partners again. PartnerStack automatically calculates what partners are owed and pays them all at once — you get just a single invoice.

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Love from our customers and partners

The people say it best


Good partnerships pay for themselves in the form of countless leads, deals closed, and predictable revenue. Build your program and they will come.

Half-baked partnerships will cost you time, leads, and revenue. Regain control and see the results you want by accessing the perks of existing ecosystems.


Kickstart your partner ecosystem

Maximize Performance


Expand your indirect channels

Your current partnerships get the job done, but you want more done faster to boost ROI. Become an ecosystem-led company with outsized returns.

Diversify your channels through an ecosystem

PartnerStack is the only platform purpose-built for B2B SaaS. PartnerStack is your go-to-market growth platform for affiliate partners to drive traffic, customer referral partners to bring you qualified leads, and reseller partners to sell your product directly to customers. 

Dor Winter
Referral Partnership Manager,

“PartnerStack helped us build an automated program that supports our partners and our business.”

Matthew Sison
Growth Manager, Looka

“I’ve been in roles where I did everything manually. Seeing how PartnerStack solves everything I was doing manually is very valuable.”

Jennifer Rhima
Director of Partnerships,

“I can't think of any other platform that enables companies to develop their partner program and increase revenue.”