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Everything you need to launch your first program

Complete deal management integrated with your CRM

Customer integrations and endless scalability

Referral partners

Reseller partners

Marketing partners

Anti-fraud & security

Partner payouts & compliance

Multiple partner types

Multiple partner groups

Application management

Partner tiers

CRM integrations


Program support

Partner & resource management


Link based


Ticket based

Phone and email

1:1 management


All plans include:

Partner payouts and compliance

Partners get paid every month with automatic billing to your method of choice and self-serve partner withdrawals.

Partner analytics

Track the success of your partners at individual and group levels to optimize your program's performance.

Partner and resource management

Scale your program to an unlimited number of partners, with automated onboarding and content for each.

Link-based attribution

Create custom referral links or let partners create their own, and track the success of every partner and campaign.

Built by a team that gets partnerships

Since 2015, PartnerStack has helped companies integrate and grow hundreds of programs, onboarded 450,000+ partners, and launched our own partner program for affiliates, agencies and resellers.

When you build your program with PartnerStack, you’ll have the support of a team committed to helping you hit your goals.

"We have never (ever!) experienced such a smooth and effective onboarding."

—  5-star user review on G2 Crowd of PartnerStack 

Katie Coseni & Catrick
PartnerStack Onboarding Consultants

Speak with a PartnerStack expert and see how you can better manage and scale your channel partner programs, and we'll send you a $25 Postmates gift card to make working from home a little easier in these COVID times 👇

Run any kind of partner program

The only partnerships platform built for B2B SaaS that supports affiliate, referral, and reseller channel partners to drive recurring revenue.

Fully support your Referral, Reseller, and Partner Marketing Channel needs, from a single Platform. Learn why the fastest growing B2B SaaS companies use PartnerStack as their full-stack solution to support all of their channel partner programs.

The Full Stack Solution for B2B SaaS Partnerships

Pay partners on time, every time

Set monthly invoicing and pay partners automatically and accurately, with support for multiple reward models.

Access the world's strongest B2B partner network

Grow your partnerships by tapping into our Marketplace of 65,000+ active SaaS partners, including agencies, resellers, and marketers who are already seeing green on our platform.

PartnerStack connects you to all of them, so you can discover your perfect-fit partners to propel your program upward.

Looking to scale through partnerships? Let's chat.

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We're the #1 Rated Partner Management Solution for SaaS leaders 

VP Business Development & Partnerships, Gorgias

Since launching their partner programs on PartnerStack, Gorgias has grown partnerships from 0 to 50% of all company revenue. Watch Philippe Roireau, VP of Business Development & Partnerships explain how PartnerStack helped Gorgias build partnerships into a key growth channel.

Philippe Roireau

Dor Winter

PartnerStack helps's partner program focus on what matters — enabling partners faster with a clear path to success. How? By automating the rest.

Referral Partnership Manager,

Meaningful data visibility

Track every useful conversion across your marketing and sales funnel to improve existing and future campaigns.

Easy onboarding and enablement

Onboard, train, and enable top-performing partners to drive sales faster and activate more of your partners.

Hear directly from our customers. 

Trusted by over 400 SaaS companies and over 65,000 partners.

Automate what you hate

There’s no reason to do everything manually anymore. PartnerStack automates the most painful parts of managing partnerships, so you can focus on your company’s daily, high-impact performance.


Partner programs transform the agencies, resellers and marketers who already sell to your ideal customers into an extension of your sales team.

That's why the fastest-growing SaaS companies use partnerships to drive acquisition, retention, and revenue, beyond what's possible alone.

And it's why companies choose PartnerStack to help make it happen.

Companies win markets with partnerships

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